Saturday, August 23, 2014

Preschool Readiness Checklist (Part I)

As your child approaches preschool age, you may be wondering if he or she has developed the skills necessary to be successful in this new and challenging part of their childhood. In order to help your child with the transition, we provide you with the following list for you to understand a child’s readiness. Working with your child at home will help ensure a smooth and enjoyable transition into school.

A)     Social and Emotional Readiness
a. Does your child respond to being separated form mom and dad?
(Separates easily and happily; or may act shy or cries only briefly; or separates with difficulty)
b. Does your child use words to express his/her emotions instead of being physical?
c. Does your child have success in taking turns and sharing?
d. Does your child follow through when giving two-step directions?
e. Does your child listen and respond to a story or an activity taking 15 to 20 minutes?
f. Does your child have an understanding of rules and consequences?

B)      Health and Safety
a. Does your child know his/her full name?
b. Does your child use the bathroom (including knowing when he/she needs to use the bathroom) and wash own hands independently?
c. Can your child eat and drink independently?
d. Can your child take clothing off and on by his/herself?
(including zipping, buttoning and tying)