What is the student size per class?
AzZahra Kids caters to an average of 16 students per class.

What syllabus do you offer?
AzZahra Kids provide the Malaysian Curriculum offering “Kurikulum Standard PraSekolah Kebangsaan (KSPK) 2010”

How much are the pre-school fees?
The fees vary from Pre-Kindergarten to Kindergarten. You may call us at 04-668 2245 for find out our rates.

What is the advantage of sending my child to AzZahra Kids?
- We are owner operated and not a franchise.
- Small school with low students-teacher ratio
- Al-Quran and Fardu ‘Ain (KAFA) is compulsory as a subject to Muslim students 

Are the teachers well known in the industry?
AzZahra Kids has a good balance between senior, experienced teachers and younger teachers with a fresher outlook on teaching as the combination is enriching to students.

Are meals included?
Snack is covered as part of the school fees.

Is transport service available?
Yes. We can recommend to our dedicated third party transporter. Please contact us for more detail.