About AzZahra Kids

We Exist to See Children Succeed.

At AzZahra Kids, we believe that every child loves to learn, so we focus on fostering that desire for knowledge with products that are fun, effective and easy.

We meet all children at their level, engage their imaginations, and help them climb to the next level step by step. Every achievement ends in a celebration of success, an elevation of confidence, and an increase in self-esteem.

As children master their basic skills like reading and math skills, they also lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning. It’s our goal to make a difference in children’s lives by making learning fun and easy.
The mission of AzZahra Kids Development Centre is to provide children from the age two until the age of six with good quality early childhood education opportunities from Islamic perspective.

Our aims are:
  • To develop each child’s Islamic character in partnership with their parents or carers.
  • To provide a comprehensive framework for the early years, incorporating knowledge of Islam.
  • To have a good team of dedicated staff working with the children.
  • To provide a safe and secure learning environment for the children.
  • To provide good quality equipment/materials for effective learning.